iMath Best K-12 Math app iMath is designed to help children under 12 years of age to improve their math abilities and to develop their interest in mathematics. Get More Info!
Basic Math Training More than 20 topics Hundrunds of training items. Get More Info!
Fast Caculation Practises Fresh your brain Additional subtraction multiplication division decimal fraction, all these fast practises make you smart. Get More Info!
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iMath is a math education app.iMath is the best math education app in Windows Store. Everything in in iMath is for K-12 maths.

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  • "love this app. can't wait till daughter old enough to start using this. will be great fun teaching her math skills very pleased."

    Chris, from United States

  • Fun way to improve your math skills, accuracy, and speed. Not only for children but useful for older adults who need a refresher!"

    Joyce, from United States

  • This game makes learning math or refreshing up on your math skills fun and easy!!!"

    Madelyn, from United States

  • "After having just installed imath e believe it to b an enjoying game for my neice to play while she is not in school and would rate it about a 5"

    Brian, from United States

  • "Yes i love this i haven't used it for long but just looking at it and playing with a few things i love love love everysingle thing about it!.. most of these math apps i install and then delete because nothing catches my attention or its too complecated(because they tried way to hard to be simple) or i had to buy math questions to be asked...but this loooks so helpful so far."

    Cassi, from United States

  • "My elementary son is enjoying this app. It provides a variety of review activities to help reinforce math concepts at a wide variety of levels. I love it and am looking forward to using it with my older kiddos, too."

    Beth, from United States

  • "I have only been using this a few weeks but I find it very helpful and easy to use. Will be used a lot more as I have my SATS in April/May. My brother also likes to use this app to help him revise for his GCSE. Thank you for making a fab app like this."

    Toni, from United Kingdom

  • "I think iMath is really good for children that find it difficult to do math properly. so I think iMath is really, really good and I will love to go on this website every single time I need to practice my maths I will certainly go on this website. :)"

    Reanna, from United Kingdom

  • "Great variety of tests and very easy to use. Good for beginners and more advanced alike. If I could ask for anything it would be for more games."

    Barry, from United Kingdom

  • "I think that IMaths is a really good app that helps children to learn and accomplish new things for example adding , taking away , decimals it has literally got all the subjects in maths that children can learn."

    Rita, from United Kingdom

  • "This is a must download app, really it is good for our brain because it gives a good practice to it."

    Shashi Kant , from India

  • "Amaizing app to make it very very interesting subject for childrens. they love to learn maths via this app."

    Shashi Kant , from India

  • "this app really helped and encouraged me to improve and learn more about the world of maths, (it sounds like im being paid) but it really gets your brain trained fro maths and its just an all round fun activity to do in your spare time. it really helped me study for my algebra test at school."

    Joe , from Australia

  • "Its great to see apps like this available for free! It helps my children lears as well as helps the parents refresh to also help there children!! Thanks."

    Chris , from Canada

  • "Great for everyday math practice for school-aged children and adults alike! I absolutely love this app and my children enjoy it as well! Excellent work!! Thanks."

    Phillisha, from Canada

  • "This is wonderful for my 6 year old. I have been looking for a fun learning math program like this. I would recommend for any child needing a boost in maths."

    Gevona, from Canada

  • "I'm in grade 5 and Imath is helpful to me and very appropriate. And well away from school it help's me catch up and keep my knowledge of stuff in math. I personally encourage you to youse Imath and if you're a parent I encourage to encourage you're children to youse Imath. My name is Hanna and I am 10 years old."

    Jen, from Canada

  • "Es bastante buena, tiene diferentes opciones para configurar y elegir que operaciones se quieren hacer, es decir, con que tipo de operaciones jugar, de que dificultad, con que tiempo, etc. Ayuda bastante a agilizar la mente."

    Raúl Edgar , from Mexico

  • "We need more educational apps like this one. Easy and intuitive to use. Ideal for little kids. The user interface could also successfully be used for more complex content. Way to go!"

    Marius , from South Africa

  • "Truly a great application for all kids. I like the way that the questions are mixed up between multiple choice and then calculator as the 'game' gets more difficult forcing the child to think rather than just guess."

    Simon, from South Africa

  • "Ich bin Mathelehrerin und total begeistert von dieser App! Mit dieser App können Schülerinnen und Schüler bestens Kopfrechnen trainieren! Für freie Übungsphasen einfach GENIAL!"

    Steffen , from Germany

  • "お子様用の学習教材かと、最初は、思いました。絵柄や簡単な内容紹介では、決めかねましたが、他に算数(数学)アプリで、機能的なものが見当たらなかったので、これにしました。実際取り掛かると脳鍛アプリとして上級だとおもいます。それに飽きないと思いまう。「数独」も入っていて嬉しい。"

    晴美 , from Japan

  • "Muy bueno para niños a partir de 2º de primaria. Diversas opciones y algunos problemas complicados."

    Fred, from Spain

  • "Bellissima applicazione molto utile in matematica e per allenare un po' la memoria con i numeri."

    Victor , from Italy

  • "Výborná aplikace pro procvičování matematiky. Doporučuji ji všem, kdo má problém s matematikou a těm kteří se v ní chtějí zlepšit. :)."

    Tomáš , from Czech Republic

  • "Esta aplicación es muy útil también para los adultos para adquirir destrezas matemáticas y hacer operaciones de forma más rápida."

    Juan Carlos , from Colombia

  • "很不错啊,我觉得。休闲时间锻炼头脑,提高计算能力,保持头脑年轻态哦!"

    麟 , from China

  • "很好的加进了孩子的运算能力,学习成绩提高了不少"

    冠斌, from China

  • "游戏很不错,真正做到了玩数学"

    吴, from China

  • "有兴趣地学习,对提高计算能力很有帮助,促进孩子循序渐进学习,非常好!"

    铃鼠, from China

  • "特别适合小学阶段的数学运算,分类也很科学,很好的数学软件。"

    春玲, from China

  • "这个游戏好,很好,能帮助我们复习,还能边玩边学,让我们学到更多知识。"

    庆, from China

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