About UsCreate better apps for children.

Our Vision

We are a team of software engineers, math educators and interface designers in Shanghai, China. We have more than 6 years of education software develop experience. We are currently focusing on the development of K-12 math app - iMath. Our mission is to help children learn and love math. We hope that with our application, more and more children will become happy and confident math learners.

Meet The Team

  • Jeffery,
    Architect & Co-Founder

    Jeffery has brought over 10 years of application software development experience to iMath team. He has over 6 years of education software design experience, and has successful developed a quiz system as a team leader.

  • Jerry,
    Marketing & Co-Founder

    Jerry has bring over 9 years algorithm development and design experience to iMath team. He has over 3 years education marketing, development experience, he has developed some educational games of kid as a designer.

  • Ryoma,
    UX designer & Co-Founder

    Ryoma has 6+ years of software UX design experience. He has been dedicating 3+ years in GUI working for the iMath project. In addition to his role as a GUI Designer, Ryoma is also an Xaml developer as well as a CG Artist.

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